Rosewill Professional Food Dehydrator At $128.99

Walmart Offering a deal on Rosewill Professional Food Dehydrator in Black RHFD-18001. Free 2-day delivery, Free pickup available.

Rosewill Professional Food Dehydrator
Deal Price:$128.99
Regular Price: $249.99
Discount: $121  (49%OFF)

Product Details

Rosewill Professional Food Dehydrator

  • 6-TRAY OR 12-TRAY CAPACITY: Includes six food-grade stainless steel 15? x 13? drying racks that provide multiple nonstick mesh screen layers to dehydrate delicious fruit slices, vegetables, nuts, tofu, fish, or meat for jerky, fruit purée for fruit roll-ups, raise bread, re-crisp bread or crackers, dry herbs, and make homemade yogurt. Expandable to twelve drying rack layers (optional, not included).
  • ENERGY-SAVING: Designed with two efficient rear-mounted fans that produce horizontal airflow and even heat distribution for thorough food dehydrating without overheating or the need to rotate food dehydrating rack. Further, save energy by choosing between two dehydrator speeds; Fast or Slow Mode.
  • DIGITAL THERMOSTAT & TIMER: Adjust desired electric food dehydrator temperature and time. Adjustable thermostat drying temperatures range from 95°F to 167°F and the built-in timer can be set up to 99 hours without food hardening or growing mold by raising and lowering the temperature with Two-Stage Sequential Temperature Timer (TST) COMBO Mode.
  • HEALTHY & ECONOMICAL: Food dehydrators are best for creating all-natural products without additives or preservatives, ideal for kid snacks and active lifestyle adults, healthy pet treats, even potpourri or arts and crafts decorations. Preserve food, save money, and snack healthier by maintaining essential nutrients in fruits, herbs, vegetable slices, meats, and more.
  • TEMPERED GLASS DESIGN: This food dehydrating machine features a transparent tempered glass door for clear and easy monitoring of all dehydrator trays and the food dryer process.

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