How to Choose Batteries

How to Choose Batteries

Tips for Choosing Batteries:

Figure out what size batteries you need:

  • This is simple. If your gadget runs on AAA batteries, then that’s what you need. You can look on the device itself for an indication of what battery size it takes, or consult the instruction manual.
  • Decide between single-use or rechargeable batteries: Single-use batteries are cheaper upfront and have an excellent shelf life, but rechargeables can be used again and again, making them ultimately the more cost-effective choice.
  • Get the right type of battery: Understanding how batteries work and knowing how alkaline differs from lithium and NiMH from lithium-ion will help you pick the best battery for your application.

Figure Out What Size Batteries You Need

You don’t need to know much about batteries to get the right size for your device. Figuring it out can be as easy as looking at the batteries currently in your device and replacing them with the same size (i.e. if there are AAA batteries in there, then that’s what size you need to buy). If you don’t already have batteries installed, look on the device for some indication or check the instruction manual.

If you want to know a little more about battery sizes, here’s a quick primer: