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Foldable Step Stool for Kids, Holds Up to 300 lbs,11W9H At $9.99

Deal Price.:$9.99M.R.P.: $13.99Discount: $4  (29%OFF)Amazon

Rosewill Professional Food Dehydrator At $104.99

Deal Price.:$104.99M.R.P.: $139.99Discount: $35  (25%OFF)Walmart

MyOffice Innovations Hyken Mesh Task Chair At $149.03

Deal Price.:$149.03M.R.P.: $349Discount: $199.97 (57%OFF)E-bay

Disposable Ear Loop 3-Ply Face Masks 300 ct At $20.13

Deal Price.:$20.13Walmart

Scotch Heavy Duty Shipping Packaging Tape 6 Rolls At $12.19

Deal Price.:$12.19M.R.P.: $22.99Discount: $10.80  (47%OFF)Amazon

Kodak Ultra 100inch Mini Portable Projector At $143.99

Deal Price.:$143.99M.R.P.: $189.99Discount: $46  (24%OFF)Amazon

Reach Cleanburst Waxed Dental Floss 6 Pack At $5.82

Deal Price.:$5.82M.R.P.: $8.40Discount: $2.58  (31%OFF)Amazon

FLTR Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer, 2-pack At $54.99

Deal Price.:$54.99M.R.P.: $79.99Discount: $15  (31%OFF)Costco

Refresh Skin Therapy Vitamin C Serum 1.0 fl oz At $16.99

Deal Price.:$16.99M.R.P.: $24.99Discount: $8  (32%OFF)Costco

AMUFER 20W Mosquito Lamp Insect Killer At $24

Deal Price.:$24M.R.P.: $79.99Discount: $55.99  (70%OFF)Amazon

Mechanics Tool Set 92-Piece At $27.97

Deal Price.:$27.97M.R.P.: $44.79Discount: $16.82  (38%OFF)Homedepot

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Staples Turcotte Luxura Faux Leather Chair At $89.99

Deal Price.:$89.99M.R.P.: $169.99Discount: $80  (47%OFF)Staples

MoDRN Scandinavian Triangle Shower Curtain At $6

Deal Price.:$6M.R.P.: $19Discount: $13  (68%OFF)Walmart

Igloo Stainless Steel Ice Maker Machine At $114.96

Deal Price.:$114.96M.R.P.: $149.99Discount: $35.03  (23%OFF)Amazon

10A Paw Power Strip with USB Ports 3.1A 5ft Extension Cord At $18.40

Deal Price.:$18.40M.R.P.: $19.99Discount: $1.59  (8%OFF)Amazon

Arctic King 5000 BTU Window Air Conditioner At $50

Deal Price.:$50M.R.P.: $139Discount: $89  (60%OFF)Walmart

Rain-X 1gal +32 Degree Windshield Washer Fluid At $1.39

Deal Price.:$1.39Target

Folex Carpet Spot Remover 32 oz At $14.47

Deal Price.:$14.47M.R.P.: $16.40Discount: $1.93  (12%OFF)Amazon

Baby High Chair with Adjustable Legs At $127.49

Deal Price.:$127.49M.R.P.: $149.99Discount: $22.50  (15%OFF)Amazon