Wireless Weather Station | Indoor Outdoor Thermometer $17.99

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Wireless Weather Station
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Product Details

Wireless Weather Station | Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

  • 209FT Wireless Transmission & 10 Main Functions – Upgraded Sensitive Remote Sensor, which means you can put it inside your backyard, garden or courtyard. The Weather Station with colorful LCD Display, which shows: Indoor&Outdoor Temperature(℃/℉) and Humidity(%RH), Weather Forecast, Alarm Clock &Snooze mode, Time&Calendar, 3 Channels of RF Signal. The wall mount design or table stand makes it never take your space.
  • 24H weather forecast – The weather included 4 levels: Rainy-Cloudy-Partly Cloudy-Clear. No longer consider whether you need to bring an umbrella, you can choose comfortable clothes according to the reminds. It is your ideal choice for a better life.
  • 20-95% of Indoor & Outdoor Humidity Monitoring – The Weather Station can accurately monitor indoor & outdoor humidity, helping you prevent disease, rheumatism, arthritis, dry skin, asthma, and allergies. It reminds you of the indoor&outdoor conditions and helps you take appropriate measures to protect your health and your family.
  • 6.1-inch LCD Screen & Dynamic Big Number Display – Easy to read without glasses for your parents or grandparents. The wireless weather station has a clear LCD display and a backlight touchscreen. The color display is easy to read and features large, bold numbers and icons. Even in poor lighting conditions, it is clear to see the real temperature and humidity.
  • Alarm clock with snooze mode – For those who want to sleep, the snooze mode provides an extra 5 minutes of sleep and then reminds you again.

Product information

  • How to unlock The Weather Sation?

    If you want to set some function, please firstly long-press the button “snz” until you hear the sound “DIDI” twice. That means The Weather Station is unlocked.


  • How to change from Celsius(°C) to Fahrenheit(°F)?

    After you press the button “down”, it will be changed.


  • How to connect with outdoor sensors?

    1. The Weather Station on power.
    2. Then put the battery into the sensor, and the sensor will work automatically. ( The sensor has been paired at the factory.)


  • How to set an alarm?

    1. Touch ALARM for 3 seconds to set the time.
    2. The sequence of alarm time setting is hour-minute-existence
    3. During the setting process, first press UP; touch DOWN once and then return, you can also press and hold the button (UP or DOWN) to speed up the adjustment process.
    4. Click ALARM to confirm and there are settings


  • How to set the time?

    1. Touch TIME for 3 seconds for time setting.
    2. The setting sequence is hour-minute-year-month-day-language of weekday-exist, default is M-D (month-day), you can press UP or DOWN to switch M- D (month-day) or D-M (day-month) display
    3. Touch TIME to confirm and exit the setting
    4. During the setting process, touch UP once and ahead; touch DOWN once and back, you can also press and hold the button(UP or DOWN) to speed up the adjustment process.
    5. The weekday display will be changed automatically as per the time setting.

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