Ukonic Marvel Avengers Tool Set 44 Piece At $64.88

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Ukonic Marvel Avengers Tool Set 44 Piece
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Ukonic Marvel Avengers Tool Set 44 Piece

  • Ukonic Marvel Avengers Tool Set WIELD THE POWER OF THOR: If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to hold Mjolnir and be able to save the day, this is your chance! The Hammer of Thor toolbox is now at your disposal! Inside are the tools you will need to accomplish household projects and repairs
  • LARGE 44-PIECE TOOL SET: With tools specializing in home repair and projects, this Mjolnir toolbox is the perfect accessory for Marvel fans with an agenda.
  • Grab the Thor toolset hammer, Mjolnir, and conquer your honey-do list! For a complete list of tools, check out the description below
  • BUILT FOR AN AVENGER: The durably molded Mjolnir shell is designed to protect the tools housed inside of the hammer. Each of the tools inside the Mjolnir hammer tool kit is durably crafted with precision in mind. Enjoy a full array of working tools from this large toolset.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR A HERO: Gift your hero something they can use every day with the Thor hammer toolbox.

Product Description

With this Thor toolbox, you will have everything you need to feel like a god of home repair! A collectible Marvel must-have.

Tackle any project with this mighty tool kit modeled after Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir. Once you are finished with your fixes, all the tools will pack up inside the shell of the hammer and await their next summoning.

Whosoever holds this hammer may possess the powers of home repair. Featuring all the helpful tools one could ask for when running through your home project list, this Mjolnir hammer tool kit is the ideal choice for the God of Thunder.


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