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SmileBelle Magnetic Bracelets for Couples
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SmileBelle Magnetic Bracelets for Couples

  • Matching Bracelets for Couples: The his and her bracelets for couples with a heart-shaped magnet are designed based on the traditional Taoist symbol Yin Yang, representing two opposing yet complementary forces and bringing harmony and balance to the wearer. Yin Yang bracelets represent the two parts of a whole and none is dispensable. It is good gifts idea for couples
  • Magnetic Bracelets for Couples: Each bf and gf bracelets comes with a half-heart-shaped magnet with a strong magnetic force and is not easy to release. When couples hold hands, the pendant will automatically attract and synthesize a love heart, which means no matter where you are, long distance will not dilute your love. As long as you meet, attract as soon as you get close.
  • Long Distance Bracelets: The bracelet for boyfriend scented with clary sage essential oil is made of 9 mm natural lava rock stone, which can support emotional balance and relieve stress and anxiety to the wearer. The elastic bracelet’s inner Length is 9 inch that is more suitable for men’s wrist size than other couple bracelet.
  • Relationship Bracelets for Couples: The bracelet for girlfriend is made of 0.75mm moonstone which is known for its feminine energy and signifies balance, relaxation, love, and fertility. It keeps life stress-free and balanced for women and is a unique gift for lovers to enhance their passion. The inner Length is 7 inches more suitable for women’s wrist size.
  • His and Hers Gifts: This long distance relationship bracelet can not only be used as Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, birthday, or Christmas gift for boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife, you can give the other half of the distance bracelet as a gift to mother, father, sister, brother anyone special that you miss that show you care and love for them.

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