Ransom Notes Word Magnet Party Game – Fun for 3+ Players at $34.99

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Ransom Notes Word Magnet Party Game - Fun for 3+ Players
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Ransom Notes Word Magnet Party Game – Fun for 3+ Players

  • RANSOM NOTES: The game of hilariously terrible sentences! Players use word magnets to respond to outlandish prompts like “Tell someone you’ve clogged their toilet at a party” with just their limited pool of words
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: 840 high quality word magnets, 6 metal submission cards, 250 prompt cards, and instructions. With 250 absurd prompt cards and a new pool of words every time, this party game has infinite hilarious combinations and feels fresh every time you play
  • EASY TO PLAY: Learn to play in under one minute, and even the shyest players will be creating laugh-out-loud word magnet responses right away. Just take a few handfuls of word magnets, flip over a prompt card, and start playing — no long instructions to explain!
  • 3-6+ PLAYERS: While the game is made for 3-6 players, it’s equally hilarious when larger groups team up together. 30-90 min play time. Is it appropriate for everyone? Not really. While a majority of prompt cards are certainly suitable for all audiences, there are quite a few that are definitely not. BUT, if you do want to make it family friendly, pulling about 15-30% of the cards should make the game totally PG and playable for all!
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: For birthdays, Christmas, Father’s Day, or an anytime present for creative people. Bring it to Thanksgiving or your family / friend’s game night.
  • Now with higher quality word magnets that break apart easily and quickly
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