Quip Metal Electric Toothbrush Starter Kit At $39.99

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Quip Metal Electric Toothbrush Starter Kit
Deal Price:$39.99

Product Details

Quip Metal Electric Toothbrush Starter Kit

  • Modern, sleek Electric Toothbrush, 100% recyclable paper packaging
  • Sensitive sonic vibrations, 2-minute timer, 30-second pulses
  • 3-month charge on a AAA battery (no wires or charger)
  • Replaceable soft-bristle brush head with tongue scraper & travel cover
  • Helps remove plaque, prevent & reduce gingivitis
  • American Dental Association-Accepted
  • Lifetime warranty & first refill free with subscription at getquip.com
  • Best with quip Mint Toothpaste, Floss String, Floss Pick, & MouthwashSlim, lightweight metal handle, water-resistant, shower-safe

Product Description

Brush better with good-for-you features, no gimmicks. The quip Electric Toothbrush Starter Kit makes it simple and sustainable with a premium handle you keep for life, a replaceable soft-bristle brush head (tongue scraper on back), a replaceable AAA battery, and a multi-use travel cover that doubles as a stand and mirror mount.

Unlike some electric brushes that are big and bulky, the quip is slim and lightweight with a long-lasting 3-month battery (no wires or bulky charger). Simply press the “q” button to power a gentle, effective clean with all the guiding features dentists recommend sensitive sonic vibrations, a 2-minute timer, 30-second pulses.

The sleek, travel-ready design easily packs into any pocket, purse, or bag for on the go. Plus, it’s water-resistant and shower-safe.

Like most quip oral care products, the quip Electric Toothbrush is American Dental Association-Accepted and shown to help remove plaque and help prevent and reduce gingivitis. On a refill plan, quip automatically delivers a fresh Brush Head Refill every 3 months for $5 with free shipping and a lifetime warranty.

Subscribe to get your first refill free, and see why quip has over 20,000 5-star reviews. Better oral health, made simple, affordable, and enjoyable.

Author: Niranjan Reddy

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