MABIS Lightweight Cardiology Stethoscope At $4.07

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Product Details

MABIS Lightweight Cardiology Stethoscope

  • MABIS Lightweight Cardiology Stethoscopes deliver accurate auscultation of heart, lung, stomach (gastrointestinal, bowel, etc.), and blood pressure flow (Korotkoff) sounds with acoustic integrity and clarity in office, student, home, or clinical setting
  • ADULT STETHOSCOPEs feature a chest piece designed with a turntable, fully rotating stem, and a bell and diaphragm to capture high or low frequency sounds delivering the ultimate value in auditory diagnostics with professional performance and durability
  • DUAL HEAD STETHOSCOPES are most useful in non-critical care environments such as a medical office, internal or general physicians, OB, GYN, anĀ  ambulatory clinic, or urgent care
  • SPECTRUM SERIES DUAL HEAD STETHOSCOPES help detect normal and abnormal sounds and rhythms

Product Description

MABIS Stethoscopes, Adult Dual Head to Listen to Sounds from Large Organs or Specific Areas of the Body with Large Diaphragm for High or Low Frequencies, 22 Inch Y Tubing, Blue

Features a chrome-plated brass binaural and anodized aluminum chest piece. Y-TUBING measures 22 inches

Doctors, nurses, pediatricians, and parents will enjoy using this stylish stethoscopes to examine adults, kids, and infants.

Author: Niranjan Reddy

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