Get your free sample of VITAFOL Gummies-FirstStep

Vitafol Offering a free sample of VITAFOL – Gummies-FirstStep. Limit one set per customer, shipping to U.S. residents only.

Get your free sample of VITAFOL Gummies
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Get your free sample of VITAFOL Gummies

  • Take your first step on the path to proper prenatal nutrition by trying Vitafol Ultra-FirstStep or Vitafol Gummies-FirstStep
  • Your nutritional needs may be very different from another woman’s. VITAFOL® provides a variety of formulations designed to meet your special needs before, during, and after pregnancy.

VITAFOL ULTRA-FirstStep and VITAFOL Gummies-FirstStep provide many important nutrients including folic acid and iron.

The vitamins, minerals, and DHA combination are similar to VITAFOL ULTRA and VITAFOL Gummies but differ on certain quantities in the dosages recommended.

As you enter your early weeks of pregnancy or you might be considering a more complete formulation, you may choose to request a prescription of VITAFOL ULTRA or VITAFOL Gummies from your healthcare provider. Or you can simply order a VITAFOL Gummies-FirstStep sample online free of cost!

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