Fire Sense Bessemer Bonfire Patio Fireplace At $72.79

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Patio Fireplace
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Product Details

Fire Sense Bessemer Bonfire Patio Fireplace

  • PATIO FIREPLACE: Fire Sense Bessemer Bonfire Patio Fireplace This outdoor fire pit is painted a beautiful black and silver and provides a roaring fire and bonfire without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. This fire pit will help you stay outside even during the colder weather.
  • PORCELAIN ENAMEL CONSTRUCTION: This fire pit features a porcelain enamel bowl and lid for optimal corrosion resistance. The domed lid of the outdoor fire pit also helps push the heat outward rather than straight upward for warmer get-togethers.
  • STEEL FIRE SCREEN: This firepit for the outside features a silver high-temperature painted center steel fire screen that helps keep the fire contained yet visible. This sizeable single door also aids in easy refueling, cleaning, and marshmallow roasting.
  • WHEELS AND HANDLE: The fire pit also features large, heavy-duty wheels that allow you to transport this portable fireplace all over your backyard efficiently. The handle provided further helps move this fireplace with wheels from your truck to the campsite
  • REMOVABLE STEEL GRATE: This portable fire pit also comes with a removable steel grate that allows quick and easy placing of logs for burning. It also adds elevation to the logs ensuring optimum airflow for a crackling fire.

Product Description – Patio Fireplace

Providing the ultimate deluxe mobile patio fireplace, the 28″ Bessemer Rolling Patio Fireplace has a porcelain enamel bowl and lid and a steel grate for wood. The silver high temperature painted center steel fire screen keeps the fire contained but visible.

This attractive unit’s center door allows easy access to the fire. The convenient wheels and handle assembly allow you to position this unique item in the perfect spot for your outdoor entertaining.

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