Durable and Reusable Ice Cube Molds 2 Pack At 5.49

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Ice Cube Molds
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Product details

Durable and Reusable Ice Cube Molds 2 Pack

  • Two outfits & Right Size — Square & sphere ice mold both have 6 ice trays, each ice tray can freeze 2 inches of an ice cube. You can make any shape you like, put it in your wine glass or coffee cup, and don’t worry about being too big or too small.
  • Soft & Durable — The ice cube tray is made of Platinum Silicone, which is very elastic, not deformed by kneading and freezing, easy to release, has high and low-temperature resistance, BPA Free. Thickened silicone is durable, not be damaged.
  • Quick Release & Slow Ice Melting — Press the ice cubes lightly, the ice will slip out easily. 2-inch proper-c diameter thick ice, reduce the temperature of the wine, the drink will not be diluted, keep you cool.
  • Multiple Applications — Ice cubes used in bars, hotels, and restaurants are also suitable for home ice use, and can also be used as a child’s food supplement box. You can freely make various flavors, put juice and pulp in and freeze them into ice cubes.
  • The Best Gift — Ever Christmas, party, or birthday, you can give the ice cube tray as a gift to your family, lovers, and friends. It is practical and fun. You ca

Product Description – Ice Cube Molds

The round and square two-piece ice cube trays sets can make various shapes of ice cubes at will. Square ice cubes can be put into coffee and cocktails, and round ice cubes can be put into whiskey and other wines. More shapes, more choices.

The non-slip design at the bottom makes the ice cube tray placement more stable and can also be stacked. It can also be folded to save storage space in the refrigerator. It is easy to clean, easy to use, and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Party favorite, put ice balls into whiskey, cocktails, coffee, bring ice-cold comfortable relieving experience. The ice balls melt slowly, and they will not spoil the taste of the drink during the party chat.

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