Chupa Chups Mini Ice-creams Lollipops 240 Candies At $12.00

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Chupa Chups Mini Ice-creams Lollipops
Deal Price:$12.00
Regular Price: $18.00
Discount: $6.00 (33%OFF)

Product Details

Chupa Chups Mini Ice-creams Lollipops

  • One package includes 240 individually wrapped Chupa Chups mini lollipop suckers.
  • An assortment of 5 delicious chupa chups lollipops flavors – Strawberry, Orange, Cherry fruit lollipops, and Strawberry & Cream, and Choco-Vanilla creamy flavors.
  • Low-calorie and fat-free
  • Peanut and gluten-free
  • Chupa Chups premium lollipop stick won’t fall apart in your mouth, letting you enjoy your lollipop sucker until the end

Product Description – ice cream lollipops

4 of your favorite flavors in a super cute portion control mini size and 15 units bag. You will find Strawberry, Cola, Apple, and Orange. Nutrition information per single flavor might lightly diverge from nutrition information indicated on our consumer packaging.

The latter is provided based on an average of the single flavors contained in the pack due to a lack of space to include individual values and as permitted by applicable legislation in force.

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