Candylocks 7 Inch Straw Mary Doll with Accessories At $5

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Candylocks 7 Inch Straw Mary Doll with Accessories
Deal Price:$4.99
Regular Price: $7.49
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Product details

Candylocks 7 Inch Straw Mary Doll with Accessories

  • DELUXE SCENTED COLLECTIBLE DOLL: This deluxe 7-inch doll smells like strawberries and has 12 inches of super-soft cotton candy hair! Straw Mary wears a fun strawberry dress and shoes to match her theme. Create customized looks with her hair accessories!
  • EASY-TO-STYLE COTTON CANDY HAIR: The unique texture of Candylocks’ cotton candy-inspired hair makes it easy to style by hand, without needing to use a hairbrush or other hair styling tools. It holds its shape and doesn’t come apart. Create handmade braids, buns, twists and ponytails – the hairstyle possibilities are endless!
  • HAIR CHALK: Customize and add color to Straw Mary’s hair, or your own hair with the included hair chalk! Candylocks make a great gift for ages 5 and up.
  • 3 ACCESSORIES AND REMOVABLE OUTFIT: Swap Straw Mary’s outfit with Lacey Lemonade’s (sold separately), insert the strawberry into her hair, use the hair chalk, and clip in the hair extension – you can even wear the hair extension in your own hair!
  • Includes: 1 Candylocks Doll, 3 Accessories, 1 Collector Poster

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