Artlii 2021 New Mini Projector At $30

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Artlii 2021 New Mini Projector
Deal Price:$30
Regular Price: $53.99
Discount: $23.99 (44%OFF)

Product Details

Artlii 2021 New Mini Projector

  • The mini projector is only phone size and thick like a Cola can. So small and portable, you can put it in your pocket or bag and travel with it.
  • The pocket projector can be charged through a power bank which makes it more friendly to be used when there is no electricity available.
  • This compact video projector is equipped with multiple ports for ease of use, including HDMI, USB, Micro SD Card, Audio, and AV interface. So it can be connected to Chromecast, Tablet, Laptop, Macbook, Blu-ray Player, DVD…
  • This pocket-size mini projector fits almost all home entertainment devices.
  • It is able to display pictures, movies, TV shows, videos, games on a 60-inch large screen.
  • It’s perfect for protecting kids’ eyes.
Author: Niranjan Reddy

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