16 Inch Toolbox with 2 Lid Organizer At $9.00

Walmart Offering a deal on STANLEY 016011R One-Latch 16-Inch Toolbox with 2-Lid Organizer. Free 2-day delivery on $35+ orders. Pickup not available.

16 Inch Toolbox with 2 Lid Organizer
Deal Price:$9.00
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16 Inch Toolbox with 2 Lid Organizer

  • For a project that requires both big and small parts to get finished, use the Stanley 2-Lid Organizer Tool Box.
  • It comes with two compartments on top for holding all of your smaller components. It helps organize all of these necessary pieces and allows you to access them without opening the whole unit.
  • The Stanley toolbox also contains a built-in padlock eye that accommodates small locks. This feature helps you maintain confidence in the security of the contents. You can keep all of your important tools and hardware safe and in one location with this home toolbox.
  • Use it to hold hammers, wrenches, sockets, pliers, bit sets, tape, and more. The included tote tray provides even more portability when you’re working in the shop or garage.? ONE-HAND OPERATION latch-Allows opening when another hand is occupied. ? Shuts automatically. ? Small parts storage on the lid. ? Home toolbox is suitable for holding wrenches, hammers, sockets, pliers, and much more.

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