100 Soccer Ball Size 4 At $4.88

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100 Soccer Ball Size 4
Deal Price:$4.88

Product details

100 Soccer Ball Size 4

  • 1 black and white soccer ball
  • Designed for young players
  • Ideal for kids who enjoy playing soccer
  • Size 4
  • Franklin Sports Competition 100
  • Traditional styling makes this ball look like the balls used in pro games
  • Precision stitched to official size and weight
  • High-gloss sponge PVC cover offers excellent abrasion resistance
  • Shook-Sorb cushion system provides a soft cover that is gentle when your young one kicks
  • A long-lasting air retention bladder allows you to re-pump this ball less frequently

Product Description

This Franklin Sports Competition 100 Size 4 Soccer Ball is an excellent choice for people who enjoy the game of soccer. Designed with younger players in mind, this sporting accessory is particularly well suited to children.

This official-size soccer ball features a high-gloss sponge PVC cover that’s created to provide excellent abrasion resistance, so it can withstand constantly being kicked around a field without issue. Its Shook-Sorb cushion system provides a soft cover that is gentle on your young one’s feet.

Conveniently, this black and white soccer ball showcases a long-lasting air retention bladder, so you won’t have to constantly be re-pumping it. Featuring traditional styling, this ball is precision-stitched to the official size and weight, so it can be used in games. This ball is a size 4. Buy one or more, depending on your needs.

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